About Myself



I consider myself a unique individual with large ambitions. I am a voracious reader. My greatest joy growing up was the time I spent in the library. I still feel that the key to understanding the world is reading. My favorite section in the library was the travel section, absorbing everything I possibly could about strange lands, especially those of my ancestors from Italy. My favorite authors were Albert Payson Terhune from whom I learned about horses. Because of him, I actually thought I could ride until I mounted a real one. Scared me to death.

Since then I have traveled all over both before I was married alone and after with my husband. I have enjoyed many adventures and continue to do so. In my blog, I would like to relate some of my memories, good and bad, thoughts and opinions, and some of what’s going on now in my life.

After my husband contracted cancer in 2007 and was forced to retire, I continued to work until 2011 when I too retired at the age of 55. It was the best decision of my life. It has given me valuable time to spend with my husband and to enjoy other pursuits to keep my sanity in the midst of the madness of this disease. It has also allowed me to follow my lifelong dream of writing, which I abandoned long ago in favor of being able to pay the rent.

I hope you will be able to enjoy some of my stories. Please leave feedback. Comments, praise and well-meaning critiques are welcome.


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